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Alcohol use has a negative effect, its sale, purchase and transfer to minors is prohibited.

Beer serving


The glasses must be washed in hot water without adding any dishwashing liquids. Dry the glasses, avoid using cotton towels in order for fluff not to stick to them.


The ideal temperature for serving beer is from 6 to 10 °C depending on the variety. The foam must be 3 cm thick or in the width of 2 fingers, and it must hold for at least 3 minutes. Beer that has been poured into a glass quickly is a lot more refreshing, because it has enough CO2, which is an important condition for serving the beer correctly.

In order to pour the beer correctly, hold a clean and dry glass at a 45 degree angle to the tap, and start pouring the beer without touching the sides of the glass with the tap. When the glass is half full, start gradually straightening it up – this will preserve more pronounced taste nuances in the beer and the correct layer of foam will form.


When serving beer, it is necessary to put a coaster under the glass.