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Cēsu Brūža grauzdētais 5,4% 0.33l 24 psc.

Cēsu Brūža grauzdētais 5,4% 0.33l 24 psc.

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Bruza beer is a specially created beer series by the main brewmaster of Cesis brewery, Maris Gambergs, including various beer varieties, whose names also describe the taste of each variety.

Grauzdētais is a beer in a dark amber color, with a gentle, pleasant taste and aroma. The specific aroma is a combination of the bitterness of roasting and the sweet tones of caramel, which do not allow the classic hop aromas to dominate. The completeness of the taste is formed by the balance between the sweetness of malt, the bitterness of roasting, and the hop finish.

Brewmaster's selection!

Contains malt extract!

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