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Cēsu alus receives the “Golden helmet” award for good practice


On 28 October, Cēsu alus brewery received the “Golden Helmet” good practice award, which is presented to companies that work the most on ensuring a healthy working environment and prolonging the working life of employees.

Daiga Ozoliņa-Punāne, Head of the Personnel Department at Cēsu alus, Kristīne Kursīte, Labour Protection and Environment Specialist, and Kārlis Tomsons, Head of the Cēsu alus Pensioners’ Club, receiving the award

Cēsu alus received the award for facilitating a sustainable work-life by organising specific events for the senior employees of the company. This year the company organised healthy lifestyle classes and a master class dedicated specially for seniors. The events were a success due to the expressed personal attitude, as well as a programme that was interesting and appropriate for the seniors. An additional long-term benefit is the possibility for colleagues to get to know each other better, thus making it possible for the employees to communicate more freely and less formally when carrying out daily tasks.

Eva Sietiņstone, Chairman of the Board at Cēsu alus, comments: “We are delighted and pleased to receive the highest appraisal of work safety in Latvia – the Golden Helmet, which shows that the good practice of Cēsu alus is also highly valued outside of the company. Taking care of the well-being and comfort of the employees is crucial for them to feel good and safe at the workplace, as well as for making the working environment motivating for every employee, regardless of their age.

16 % of the employees that work at our company are over the age of 50. We implement various activities to take care of their health and prolong their working life, and we also gather the former employees of the company at the Cēsu alus Pensioners’ Club. The Pensioners’ Club is operating successfully for the third year and during this time we have had various celebrations and organised many events and excursions, thus making it possible for the former employees of Cēsu alus to keep their ties with the company, be socially active, as well as increase their well-being and happiness. We thank Kārlis Tomsons, Head of the Pensioners’ Club, for the enthusiasm by gathering the members of the Pensioners’ Club and responsibly managing its activities.”

Renārs Lūsis, Director of the State Labour Inspectorate, indicated that this year the “Golden Helmet” good practice award is given to companies that do not only fulfil the minimum work safety requirements indicated in laws and regulations, but also take true care of promoting healthy living at workplaces and facilitating the well-being of employees, thus directly affecting the working abilities of employees, as well as the overall productivity of the company.