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In June Cēsu alus reaches the highest beer sales results in the company history


In June 2010 JSC “Cēsu alus” has reached the highest beer sales results in the company history. The summertime itself and entertainment events have developed a beer drinking culture, which is confirmed by the successful beer sales showings in HoReCa segment.

In June this year JSC “Cēsu alus” has reached its highest monthly beer sales on record – by selling 25% more beer than in June 2009. In total within the first half of the year beer sales amount of the company in Latvia has increased by 14%.­

Stable growth can be observed in the bottle segment – by 20% more than in June of the previous year, but by monthly division results of beer sales in glass bottles have increased by 36%. In particular, it has been most directly affected by the popularity of Cēsu Premium brand – demand for this brand is increasing both for the newly designed bottle, as well as for the canned production. Cēsu Premium in particular, has been the most popular brand during Midsummer’s Night Festival as well. The demand for it was also promoted by the various packaging – eight-bottle packages, six-can packages and large packages that are convenient for transportation to different open-air event locations.

At the beginning of summer beer consumption in the canned segment has increased rapidly as well – the sale of canned beer has increased by 71% in comparison with May and by 12% in comparison with June 2009.

Chairman of JSC “Cēsu alus” Board Eva Sietiņsone – Zatlere: “The warm weather has warmed up the economy of Latvia and has increased optimism. It is proved by the growing sales results of Premium segment, which has resulted in June having the highest sales on record.”

Because of the light alcoholic content and the refreshing flavour during the summer period various beer cocktails have been especially popular. For example, sales of cocktailBeershake with lime and cranberry flavour offered by Cēsu alus have been twice as high in June as in the spring period.

But during the week after Midsummer’s Night Festival surprisingly good results could be observed particularly in the HoReCa segment or bars and restaurants– the amount of beer sales increased by 50% in comparison with the week of Midsummer’s Night Festival. The growth in HoReCa segment can be explained by the great weather conditions, which have evidently promoted the beginning of holiday season, as well as by the successful organisation and wide audienc­es of various open-air events.

The number of high quality open-air events for fans of culture and entertainment promote the development of beer consumption culture in Latvia. By implementing the company mission JSC “Cēsu alus” supports events of long-lasting value that give true delight and remaining impressions to the visitors of such ­events.  This year Cēsu aluswill provide most significant support at the largest summer festivalsFonofestin Cesis, the 25th Anniversary Festival of Saldus saule in Saldus and the Festival of Art and Music Positivus in Salacgriva.