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JSC Cēsu alus expands production turnover management process


In optimising its logistics processes, JSC Cēsu alus has created a unique production turnover management system that will further ensure to placement of the product filling date on labels and the delivery of fresh products to points of sales.

The filling date on the specific product labels is new in Latvia. Until now, beer producers have only indicated the product date of expiry. Cēsu alus is the first producer that will further provide two dates on the product label: the time when the product has been filled, as well as the expiration date. If the consumer is informed about the filling date, he or she can always choose a fresh product.

JSC Cēsu alus sales and marketing director Gustavs Zatlers: “Beer tastes best when it’s fresh! It is an axiom as well as the motto of the Cēsu alus Garais beer. Garais is the first product in our range that will indicate the beer filling date on each label. Why Garais? The Garais beer line is the leader in the economical segment of the Latvian beer market. Cēsu alus is aware of the growing consumption of economy class beer and invests in the improvement of the quality and assortment of this segment.”

Total investments in optimising the logistics processes and the development of a new labelling system amount to 50 thousand lats.

In the second half of 2009 the economy class segment of the Latvian beer market for plastic (PET) packaging reached an average of 50 % of the total beer market (according to the sales amount). In comparison to the same period of 2008, this has grown by an average of 6 %. Such an increase in consumption has been promoted by the prevailing unstable economic situation in the country, which makes the price of products the key factor for a percentage of consumers. In the Baltic beer market research of June 2009 carried out by JSC Cēsu alus and the Public Opinion Research Centre SKDS, only 3% of respondents admitted price to be the major factor in product choice. It will be interesting to see how this ratio will have changed in a year. New information will be available this summer when Cēsu alus will organise Baltic beer market research for the second time.